The TRUE Problem

This may sting a little like rubbing alcohol being applied to a flesh wound. However, I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t provide the treatment to provide full healing. Make sure to read the whole thing:

I don’t think I have any personal remembrance of this nation being more divided than it is right now. Much of the tension is emotions, but I’m seeing something a lot deeper: hate. Two sides pointing out and condemning both Donald and Hillary’s character flaws and expressing disapproval of not only both individuals, but anyone who supports them. I’ve seen the American flag burned, I’ve heard expletive filled chants as people march the streets, etc. A lot of chaos. I certainly understand how people feel on both sides, but in all of the back and forth, I haven’t seen anyone point out the actual problem. This might hurt, but we need to turn the finger around and realize that we are the problem. 

Bear with me for a little before you flood this post with comments of disapproval. As much as the world is believing this less and less, there actually is a God (one God) in heaven who is loving and just. It is scientifically impossible for something (especially an “intelligent” something) to arise from nothing. This God has a standard to which He wants His creation to live by. Our problem is that we are quick to call out others apparent flaws but sweep ours under the rug because they are socially acceptable. Moral standard doesn’t come from society, it comes from God. For instance, as much as blatant lying is wrong in God’s eyes as Supreme Judge, so is pre-marital sex. In God’s Supreme Court, both the liar and the sexually immoral would be condemned. Not only do you and I not meet God’s moral standard, the entire world is in a state of brokenness. Anyone would agree to that just by watching the news for five minutes with all the earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. as examples. 

Despite this, God, in His infinite wisdom, understood that there was no hope for humanity as we couldn’t save ourselves from our own brokenness and as a just judge (not being able to go against His own character) we all stood condemned. This is the very purpose of Jesus of Nazareth (it is no longer debated among any serious scholars whether he existed or not). He stood in our place and took on the worst punishment ever conceived in the mind of humans on behalf of you and I. Not only this, but He rose from the dead and now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven (read secular and Christian sources discussing the empty tomb, conversion of a Christian persecutor after encountering the risen Christ, many of His disciples willing dying for their belief in Him after initially cowering in fear after His death which would mean they died for a lie if they didn’t actually see Him risen, etc.). We each have the opportunity to have our disobedience looked over as God’s justice was satisfied since Jesus stood in our place! However, we have to put our faith in Jesus and believe that He did this for us, turn from the lives that we have lived, and begin to live a new life following the one that gave His for ours!

This is our only hope! This is the good news in the midst of so much hatred, division, and turmoil. This is the answer to the brokenness in our own lives and the brokenness in the entire world. The above may be hard for some to believe, but this is a firm belief that I would literally die for. My hope and faith are set in the promises God declares for a better tomorrow, namely eternity spent in His perfectly restored kingdom which mirrors our current place of residence minus the tears, pain, suffering, and hate. 

Until then, Jesus left us two simple commands. Love God, love people. I love Him as I share the good news He wants me to share and I live a life that shows fruit of sincere change. And I love people as I pray for you all endlessly and emulate the behaviors toward others that Jesus modeled as he walked on earth. One question remains: Will you join me?