Gambling with Life

So many of us wake up every morning and live our empty, vain, temporary lives without a true care in the world, preparing and working toward a “future” (that is not promised), not realizing that the only sure thing is that one day we will not wake up again. I know that sounds dark, but if you stop and take a moment to think about it, that is the perfect depiction of the entirety of our existence here on earth. So what is one to do? “Seek the Creator while He still may be found…”

God is our only hope. He has literally fashioned our existence to be in such a way that those who humble themselves and understand how transient life is would come to Him looking for eternal fulfillment. I promise you, this life will not fulfill you. You can work hard and get that 6 or 7 figure salary you want so bad and still end up as depressed as any other person. Things from this temporary life do not bring joy, only Jesus Christ can do that. I encourage all of us to seriously consider trying to grow with God.

Pulling pieces from Pascal’s wager (a seventeenth century philosopher, mathematician, and physicist), we all bet with our lives that God either exists or He doesn’t. Given the eternal implications and the probability that God may exist a rational person would seek to believe and know God. If God does not exist, this person would only incur finite loses like pleasure and luxury, but if He does they stand to receive infinite gains (eternity in Heaven) and avoid infinite losses (eternity in Hell). The alternative is receiving finite gains, giving up infinite gains, and incurring infinite losses. Let me ask two related questions, would you gamble with your (temporary) life by playing with fire? ….then why do you gamble with (eternal) Life by playing with fire?