“Love” for God

If you say you love God but your life is not marked by deep study of His word, attempts to enter His presence, putting the flesh in subjection, constant communication with Him through prayer, and getting together with others with the same mind (among many other things), than I think it’s safe to say “love” may not be the accurate word to describe your feelings towards God. (That may be a tough pill to swallow, but based on study of Scripture, I firmly stand behind that statement.) These things flow out of a deep passionate desire for the Creator of all things. It’s time to stop treating God like some second class citizen because we think, “I know God” or that “God knows my heart” therefore we can continue living the sin soiled life that we are accustomed to. No! If you say you love God, open up the Bible and allow His WORDS to clean you from the inside out. We got to stop thinking that just because we pray a two minute prayer in the mornings and at nights and say grace before we eat that that somehow equates to “right standing” with God and entrance into His HOLY kingdom. It is ABSOLUTELY imperative for a “Christian” to READ their Bible in order to know how God desires for their life to be fashioned, not what they can conjure up in their own sinful, self-centered mind. I urge you, seek to truly know God. The Bible says (paraphrasing) many will say, “Lord, didn’t we do this and that in your name?” and He will say, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” Please don’t be someone that God “never knew” when He has made all of the instructions to truly get to know Him easily accessible.