Pursuing God like Solving a Rubik’s Cube?

The pursuit of God is like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. A lot of us think we can do it, until we try and see how hard it is and give up, or we come to a place that’s “almost it” and we stop because we think that’s “good enough.” In my study of Scripture, I’ve seen a constant theme throughout encouraging the believer to seek, search for, pursue, and find God. Where we err is that we miscalculate the journey, stop at the visitor’s center, and never make it to the actual destination. Embedded within the countless amount of Scriptures urging the believer to seek God is another, less emphasized, theme: to seek and search for Him like you would for silver, gold, or hidden treasure. That puts things in a whole different perspective. That takes hard work, but the reward is worth it! I was at a beach recently and saw a man using a metal detector in search for gold. The man could have started searching two days before then or twenty years before then, the only thing I know is that he was actively searching for treasure. When he finds that treasure (whatever it may be and however long it may take), I’m sure his joy will be made full. But if he quits because it’s taking too long or it’s hard work, his joy will never reach its full potential. I hope you are starting to see my point: Do not quit and do not faint in your pursuit for God; yes it is hard, but what else do you think it would take to find and know the God of all creation? He has laid out the protocol for us and has made the instructions as simple as possible. But how many of us will accept the challenge, knowing the way is hard, to really know and truly understand and actually find the Supreme God Almighty? We can’t be content with just going to church, singing songs, clapping our hands, and praying two minute prayers. There is SOO MUCH MORE! And I will not quit until He fills my cup to the overflow! Will you pursue Him the same?


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