Taking a STAND

As I was spending time with God He brought two concepts from my field of study (Industrial/Organizational Psychology – read about the field here) into mind: the problem of transfer of training and the research to practice gap. In basic terms, the transfer of training problem occurs when learning from a training program is not carried back for application on the job. The research to practice gap refers to both the deliberate and accidental distance between researchers’ and practitioners’ association. I mention these issues because they both directly relate to a message God imparted into my spirit about the current standing of His church. God wants His church to learn to apply the training we receive in the study of His Word and listening of sermons into the work that He has for us to do! Moreover, He wants when we rigorously research the issues we face that we actually put the solutions into practice!

The Bible says when you have done all things to stand…. then it says something extremely profound…..STAND! Now, you might say what’s so profound about just saying “stand,” well, I think we miss the whole picture when we just read over those scriptures quickly. Let’s break it down: Imagine yourself paying extreme attention to every thing you do before standing. Let’s say you stretch and then put on your shoes and then pop your knees and then straighten your legs. After literally doing “all things to stand” what is the last thing to do? Actually STAND! What if you did all of that only to sit right back down? That would be foolish!

When we prepare ourselves to stand on the Word of God, after all the preparation that we do, we must then actually stand on it and be streadfast and unmovable (1 Corinthians 15:58). God is saying when you have done all things to stop lying, when you’re in that moment, don’t lie. When you have done all things to not commit adultery, if the opportunity were to arise, don’t cheat on your spouse. When you have determined in your heart that you no longer want to sin against God and you put up all the defenses and He renews your heart, when sin comes to tempt you, don’t sin!

All of this sounds so simple and so easy but yet this is so hard for so many of us! The only way to transfer our spiritual training, to put our Bible research into practice, and to do all things to stand and then actually stand is to be 100% rooted in God and in His Word! The next time a situation arises, and you have made all preparations to stand, actually stand! All the strength and might of The Lord will be ministered unto you at the moment so that your knees are kept from becoming weak! You just have to make the decision: STAND for God, or FALL for anything…

May the grace of God be with you all.


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