To This Generation of on Fire Followers of Christ!

This wave of passionate believers that is being woken up to the Truth that is Jesus Christ is truly phenomenal! We’re getting it! We understand the Church (body of Christ) has many issues and self-inflicted problems. Issues such as: fighting against itself while the devil is on the outside laughing, creating divisions with petty arguments of doctrine and promulgating denominational nonsense, judging and condemning sinners as if our purpose is to gather together alone and not assist in bringing our fellow men and women to repentance; putting on facades in “church” buildings and being more hypocritical than the people “on the outside” that they’re condemning. It’s like we rather win an argument with another Christian about one line of scripture rather than get our tails out into this world and see sinners come to Christ. The Bible says the heavens rejoice when ONE sinner repents more than the righteousness of 99 who are just! The heavens are not rejoicing because you think you won an argument over is wearing earrings okay, or is drinking a little bit of wine fine to do, or if you can be rich or not as a Christian. All in all, the Church is stagnant in a walk that from my readings of the Bible is supposed to be an invigorating, passionate, and powerful experience!

If you ever wonder why you don’t see the same wonders now as were in Bible times its because of US! We are our greatest enemy! The Bible says a house divided cannot stand, and two cannot walk together unless they agree. How can we claim to be Christians but be so divided and separated? Do we even read the Bible?? There are clear examples that, like a physical body, one member (part) can’t say to the next I am in no need of you. We inhibit the power of the Holy Spirit because we are not on one accord! This generation notices the glaring issues with the Church, but when we look 10-20 years in the future and we become in those same positions, what will the next generation say about us? Will we fall into the same perceived comfort of complacency? Or will we live out God’s Word with the power that is promised to us by The Holy Spirit! Brothers and sisters, be a DO SOMETHING church! Don’t let that fire be put out! I am absolutely determined to catapult past and exceed the current state of the Church! Entreat the Holy Spirit to give you power and boldness and to let all of the gifts of the Spirit manifest within you so we can bring back the move of the Spirit of God that has waned to dormancy in this age. It is OUR time! Let’s go!

May the peace, grace, and love of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, be with you all!


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