Life or Death?

You! Yes, YOU! …I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but you do know you’re going to die one day, right? There’s no way around it. So after death…that’s just it? If that were the case, life would be very depressing. While creationism vs. evolution (reference to recent Nye vs. Ham debate) is fresh on your mind, I want to explain something that will hopefully get you to think critically for a minute.

It is widely accepted that there is a universal moral law that dictates how us humans operate. For instance, murder, rape, and theft are equally wrong (morally) in America as they are in China. A universal moral law speaks to the existence of a supreme law giver. Society’s problem is not wanting to submit to a moral law and the lack of desire for moral accountability. We want to formulate “wrong” and “right” depending on how we feel or believe. We want to create our own ideas and meanings of God, life, and even death. In so doing, we put an Almighty being in subjection to our reasoning. You are clay (dirt to be more specific) which means you are in subjection to a Potter and not the other way around (see Romans 9).

You see, what people don’t understand is that regardless of what they want to say, as a human being in the “flesh” they are confined to sin and the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). The Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). God is a judicious judge and wouldn’t unrightfully condemn us to death. This brings us back to the law of God. The Bible says the knowledge of sin is by the law (Romans 3:20). The law is perfect and holy (Psalms 19:7 & Romans 7:12), we are imperfect and because we have rebellious spirits we rebel against the law and therefore sin. A person in the flesh that has not accepted Christ as their savior is not only confined to sin but is bound to the law. A person that accepts Christ as their savior, and operates in the spirit, even though they are confined to sin (as all humans are) they are no longer bound to the law. Remember, by the law comes the knowledge of sin, transgression of the law equals sin, and after sin has ran its course it brings death. I hope you’re starting to see the picture I am painting. The one who accepts Christ, though they are confined to their sinful nature, are no longer bound to the law (which would condemn them to death), but are now justified and redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Everyone dies in the flesh because everyone is appointed once to die (Hebrews 9:27). But true followers of Christ don’t experience the second death (eternal torment; see Revelation 20) because their spirits have been paid for by the precious blood of Jesus Christ whereby they are redeemed unto life eternal and escape the wrath of eternal hell fire. During judgment the Bible says some will be judged according to their works by the things that are written in the books as they are opened (Revelation 20:12). God as the supreme judge has all right to justly condemn us all to death because we transgress the law which is perfect. But those who accept Christ are made perfect through faith in Him as His grace secures them where they are now delivered from being bound to sin and death. Even though our physical bodies are still confined to sin because of our sinful nature (Romans 7:15-25), this doesn’t mean we continue to sin freely because we think grace covers us after accepting Jesus Christ (Romans 6:1-2). Paul says how shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein, because as you walk in the new man you crucify your old man. The scriptures also warn against willful sin and how it puts Christ to an open shame, crucifies Christ afresh, and counts His blood as an unholy thing (see the book of Hebrews) like the temporary animal sacrifices before the death of Christ who was the ultimate sacrifice.

THIS is the full revelation of the death of Jesus Christ. He came and died so you won’t have to experience eternal death. Something you rightful deserve because of your rebellion against the law. THAT’S LOVE! Why not accept such a wonderful free gift where you reap so much in heaven?  The Bible says, eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Corinthians 2:9)! In the end, He says He will “wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Revelation 21:4) Let the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, gentleness, faith, goodness, etc. sustain you until that time (Galatians 5: 22-23). Yes, it takes a great deal of faith and hope but the essence of faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! Give Jesus the chance to reveal himself to you and teach you what real love is about…

…..Choose life.


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