Letter to a Lost Nation – 5/5

Fulfillment Through Christ

The reason I took the time to write all of this is because I want us to understand the entire fulfillment we will receive if we follow Christ, correctly (Though we must be careful not to make Christ a means to an end). Everything you have been longing for, each one of your heart’s desires is completed through Christ. Early in this letter I discussed temporary pleasures. The love of Christ fills the void and feelings of emptiness that temporary pleasures cannot and will never be able to fill. Once you fully comprehend the Good News that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Bible is not a list of dos and donts, but rather the greatest love story every told and that you are very much a part of it…only then will your emptiness begin to be filled! Alcohol, marijuana, countless men/women, pornography, money, material things…none of these can fill the emptiness you feel inside, ONLY Christ can. Matthew 6 provides us with riveting descriptions.  In regards to the temporary “things” of this present life, Christ instructs us to… 

Matthew 6: 19-21 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Christ is telling us anything we can desire here on earth is only temporary and prone to envy of man and is fallible. He instead urges us to seek after treasures in heaven that are eternal and infallible. And finally, He proclaims that wherever it is that we have our treasure, our heart is there as well. So it is impossible to indulge in the wants of this world and have a mind or heart focused on God. If our hearts and minds are truly focused on God, the treasures we store up would be the heavenly treasures that have no end. Furthermore, Christ discusses our necessity for food and clothing. He tells us to look how God cares for the birds and the grass and how we are much better than them! Christ proceeds to say in Matthew 6 that… 

Matthew 6: 32-33 “… for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” 

God knows our situation and the things that we need and promises to supply these needs unto us. We just have to cut out the fat of our many wants and seek first the Kingdom of God and He shall supply the provision to sustain us because He is a faithful and true God

We seek so much to help ease our pain and allow us to feel “good” but God promises us through the fruits of the spirit to add these feelings to us through righteousness! The Apostle Paul informs us what we receive once we leave the snares of this world and journey with Christ. 

In Galatians 5: 19-24, Paul says “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.” 

Paul outlines what he calls the “works of the flesh” of which we must flee from in order for all the fruits of the spirit to become manifest. If we continue in these works of flesh the Bible says we will NOT I repeat WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God! Everything you are seeking is completed through Christ and through the fruits of the spirit, which are: love,  joy, peace, goodness, temperance, etc! We have to tap into these by first following Christ in fullness and in truth and by rejecting ourselves and crucify our fleshy desires and lusts. Paul, in Philippians, tells how the peace of God passes all understanding and will keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. In other words, we cannot comprehend the supreme peace we receive from God as we follow Christ! That’s how wonderful this peace is! And I can boldly attest to this scripture! 

I have one last thing to discuss with you all.  Christ instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind as the first and greatest commandment. The Word of God tell us in 1 Corinthians that.. 

1 Corinthians 2: 9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

I really need us all to understand this! Everything you are hoping for on this earth is INCOMPARABLE to what God has prepared for those who love him. Our minds cant even conceive this goodness! Think for a second about what you would consider the perfect life for you, with all your hearts desires and everything you ever wanted and need fulfilled here on earth. Even over that thought, what God has prepared for those who love him is 1000x greater than any possibly “goodness” our human minds can conjure up for ourselves here on earth! This scripture really instills a desire in me to seek and follow God with all my soul! To think that the Creator of the universe has prepared something for us that does not compare to anything we can experience here on earth is an amazing testament to his immeasurable love! And I can say with full assurance that the pain of this world will pass away for those who love God with all their heart. In the book of Revelation we read…

Revelation 21: 4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” 

Furthermore, the scriptures say we will reign forever and ever with the Lord. What a beautiful ending to the ultimate love story every told. The Lord our God is the Author and Finisher of our faith as His Word proclaims (Hebrews 12:2). All of this just leaves one question left to ask, Lost Nation, what more evidence do you need to abandon your life of sin and enter into the joy of the Lord?

May the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Dante Paul Myers


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Letter to a Lost Nation – 4/5

Seesaw between Faith and Works

Many pastors and churches neglect the topic of “works” like it is an archaic concept or a borderline sacrilegious heresy that does not belong in the Christian doctrine. The scriptures (Ephesians 2: 8-9) say salvation is a free gift and its not anything of ourselves (e.g., by works). So the works we do don’t save us and faith is outlined as the overarching mechanism for salvation. But, does that mean you can get drunk, smoke weed, whore your body with multiple people and just believe on Christ and be saved? God is not mocked! You don’t do works in order to be saved, but because you have been saved the desire to do the Lord’s work should be manifested in you! The very next verse, Ephesians 2:10, says we are created in Christ Jesus unto good works! You cannot do all those sinful things, plead the blood, and believe you are operating in faith. The Bible says God searches the heart of man and you will have to answer to Him in judgment (see Romans 8:27 and Revelation 2:23)! He knows all your repenting and confessing are just so you can go back and live your life riddled in sin that you don’t want to give up. Again, God is NOT mocked

Peter says in 1 Peter 2:15-16, For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

Don’t use your freedom as a blanket that you use to hide your willful sin under! And I must honestly say, that many Christians today fall into this category of believer.

James 2:17-26 is the perfect scripture for how our faith and our works should go hand in hand. 

James 2:17-26 says,  Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar? Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” 

It is imperative as Christians that we do more than just say we “believe” we have to go out and do God’s Will! 

Truly the scriptures say in 2 Peter 3: 9, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward,not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

And Matthew 9: 37, “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”

Therefore, there is WORK to do! Not only do we need to gather and prepare for the harvest, but we also have to keep the body of Christ on one accord. In Ephesians 4 Paul discusses different roles of Christians (i.e., apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors/teachers) and what purpose they serve.

In Ephesians 4: 12-13, he explains, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” 

Therefore a Christian should never, NOT be busy! (double negative used for emphasis). If we are not attempting to add unto the Kingdom then we should be edifying the body of Christ! We cannot simply go to church, try not to cuss, and think we are good people! In the book of Revelation, it says this type of believer (lukewarm) is going to be spit out of God’s mouth because they were neither hot nor cold (Revelation 3:16).  God is looking for an on FIRE and WILLING people who are prepared to do His work! We need to take on the readiness of the prophet Isaiah. 

In Isaiah 6: 8 he says, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” 

Our Father is looking for a people who will “love not their life even unto death”(Revelation 12:11) because his Word says whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it (Matthew 12: 25). It is time to be a Radical people, a generation prepared to please our loving, faithful Father in heaven. We need to desire to hear on that great and final day, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25: 21).

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Letter to a Lost Nation – 3/5

Separation and Transformation

You have to make a conscious effort to separate yourself from the world and stand up for Christ. Everyone talks about wanting to be different or says that they are, but everyone that is consumed by this world is exactly the same. You become “different” once you fully walk with God and in His commandments and see how people begin to marginalize you. Despite it all, you find comfort in the presence and favor of the Lord and no longer care to be accepted by man, now knowing and understanding that man’s acceptance matters none at all in the grand scheme of things. In order to begin these steps we HAVE to, I mean absolutely HAVE to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. You may read that and not fully understand! You have to beTRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind. You have to rid yourself of all old desires, thoughts, and actions and replace them with the desires, thoughts, and actions that Christ wants for those who profess that they follow and love him.

Paul says in Romans 12: 2, And be not conformed to this world: but be yetransformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” 

Being conformed to this world is in literal opposition to what we are called to be in this walk with Christ. We literally have to purge ourselves of our old “man”. 

In 1 Corinthians 5: 6-7 Paul says, “…Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?  Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened…” 

Leaven and unleavened lumps are being contrasted with sin and purity. We must strive to be an unleavened lump with no trace of the snares of this world that entrap most.  The following scriptures can help reinforce the point I am trying to make. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

And Ephesians 4:23 and 24 say, “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.”

It is a dire necessity for us all to take to the steps to begin living a life that is glorifying to God. We all have a “right here, right now/YOLO” kind of mindset but God is looking for a people, a generation with an eternity mindset. One who understands that there is nothing here on Earth that will satisfy them more than serving the Lord and reaping the benefits of their obedience. Please, for your life’s sake, begin to separate yourself from the things of old and really let the word of God renew your mind!

Just believe?

Everyone’s favorite verse…

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” 

This is the foundational scripture of what “Christianity” has become, or better yet, has been watered down to. Sixty-six books comprising the canon of our Holy Bible reduced to a couple lines of scripture that if correctly applied in context is the perfect synopsis of the love God has for His creation. But no, this verse is used to make Christianity something it is not. Just a belief, and then automatic salvation. That grossly distorts and undermines that entire sacrifice, atonement, redemption, and reconciliation purpose that Christ fulfilled in His time here on Earth. Do you not know that Satan and his demons believe in Christ? (James 2:19) But where do you think they will be spending eternity? I hope you’re starting to see my point.. Let’s add some more context to everyone’s favorite scripture. 

John 14:12 says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me,the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” 

Interesting, so Christ is saying those that believe on Him will do the works that he did? That puts a major monkey wrench in the majority’s erroneous view of Christianity. You see, the root of being a Christian is to follow Christ or be Christ-like that is literally what the word means. So if you self-proclaim to be a Christian, really ask yourself, are the things that I do the things that Christ would do? I’m proclaiming to be “Christ-like” by calling myself a Christian, but am I putting Christ to an open shame and am I a liar by doing things that are complete opposite to the nature of Christ? Truly, the scriptures discuss this kind of “believer” in Matthew. 

Jesus says in Matthew 7: 21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” 

There are two things to point out here, doing the will of our Father, and KNOWING Christ! As Christians we HAVE to do the WILL of God and develop a deep and genuine relationship with Christ! Our doings should be glorifying unto God as we seek to be more and more like Christ. So you and I can “believe” or have “faith” for days, but it is truly in vain unless our belief and our faith encourages us to truly emulate Christ in our short time here on earth.

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All-loving God?

“But what about all of the evil in the world? How can I possibly follow a God that is said to be all-loving when he permits so much evil to go on in the world and allows Satan to deceive so many? Why was Satan or evil even created?” People like to choose not to believe by asking incomplete questions like these. But let’s break them down to see why they are in fact incomplete. People don’t understand that if Satan or evil or sin were never created than they, in their current state (personality, desires, wants, and dispositions) would not exist as they do. Yes we can ask these questions and seek answers but they are only questions for the moment and would not stand if really applied in context. When it comes to evil, people do not understand that God is a supreme judge and that there is a pervasive theme throughout the Bible that humans not only reap what they sow, but will have to answer to God in judgment. When we say how can God allow this evil to happen or that evil to happen we neglect that we live in a world riddled with sin and that the result of sin is destruction and death. No human can speak to every evil or destructive act that happens on earth but can almost assuredly attribute them to the sin of the world. We love to say well “I think God should…” or “I believe God should…” and in so doing we put God’s infallible justice in subjection to our reasoning. One pastor puts it as such, “Do we ever stop and realize that God’s idea of justice is far more developed than whatever our idea of justice may be?” We ultimately try and make ourselves God, by trying to explain away God, but we would have to be insane to attempt to do such a thing. Paul in Romans 9 discusses this!

Paul says, “Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?Hath not the potter power over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonour?”

Think of it like this, if you were painting a portrait, is it not completely up to you to paint a beautiful picture that you keep or paint a bad picture that you throw away? And wouldn’t it seem crazy to you if that bad picture began to talk back to you and say why did you make me like this and are throwing me away? In this example, you are the creator and have full power to do as you please with either portrait. God is the Creator of all and has FULL power to do as he pleases as our Sovereign God. We have no place as the creation to question the Creator.Understanding this takes a humble heart and spirit and a reverential fear of the Lord.

Gray Area

The Bible is very clear that there is no gray area in your walk with Christ. You are either with Christ or with the World. The Bible says if you are friend of the world than you are an enemy of God (James 4:4). Point. Blank. Period! There are some who know the truth, but are simply waiting to live out the pleasures of their life and then follow God. They basically want to get it all out of their system.. I have a few points to give you that are rooted in scripture. Firstly, the Bible says to come as you are!

1 Corinthians 7: 17, 20 say “But as God hath distributed to every man, as the Lord hath called every one, so let him walk….Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.”

Once again, there remains no excuse to continue living in sin just to come to Christ later. The Bible says God accepts us as we are and walking in that same calling! If you read throughout the Bible and study the different historical characters you will realize that God never chooses the perfect to do his greatest work but perfects those whom he chooses! You will be transformed throughout the process! I will touch on this in more detail later. The next point I want to discuss is Peter’s warning.

In 2 Peter 2: 20-21 he says “For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning. For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.” 

This is very serious! He says it is better for us to have never known the truth than to know and turn away! He says this is far worse than not knowing the truth! (we are still without excuse because “all things are seen in creation”…see LLN part 1). In the following verse, Peter quotes a verse from Proverbs comparing people who turn from the truth to a dog who returns to his vomit and to a pig, after being washed, goes back and rolls around in mud. The final point I want to make on this can be found in Hebrews 10…

Hebrews 10:26 says, For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins.” 

Additionally, the scriptures say that in so doing we count the blood of the covenant as an unholy thing and do despite unto the spirit of grace. It also says “if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.” So there is no room to say you are going to follow Christ some time in the future you just want to “live your life” and then follow Christ. You already know the knowledge of truth and all of your sin is being counted against you as willful sin and with such there remains no more sacrifice of sin! Be careful and repent! The “life” this world has to offer is nothing compared to the eternal inheritance Christ has prepared for you! You don’t begin to live until your inner man is renewed. The only thing living in your current life is going to do is yield death, not only bodily death, but the second death spoken of in the book of Revelation. I’ll close with some relevant scripture from Matthew…

Matthew 16: 24-26 says, “…If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

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Letter to a Lost Nation – 1/5

Concerning all,

I’m concerned for us all. I’m concerned for you, I’m concerned for me, and I’m concerned for this nation. We have become a people who have strayed so far from any ounce of moral accountability. Sex, drugs, alcohol, popular culture, countless distractions, vile conversations, profane tongues, greed, lust, selfishness, materialism…we constantly seek to satisfy our flesh by succumbing to the temptations this world has to offer. If you feel as though indulging in these temporary pleasures is your sole purpose in life, than you are missing out on your soul’s purpose in life. It is like we are trying to fill a void through these temporary pleasures not realizing continued indulgence in these very same things exacerbates that emptiness we are trying to fill. It is a downward spiral whose destination is nothingness. A black hole where the more you put in you are just losing yourself trying to stay afloat. We have everything backwards!

Isaiah 5:20-21 says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

The Word of God tells me in Hosea and Isaiah that..

Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge..” and in Isaiah 5:13 that “My people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge”

This can very well be likened to modern-day. In an era with a centralized focus on instant gratification, there is no satisfaction in study or the diligent acquisition of true knowledge. We are “willfully ignorant” to the Will of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living a life that is glorifying to God, and scripture that is absolutely essential to a foundational development of faith.

Willfully Ignorant

We unconsciously curse the Word of God and do not want to pick it up and read it because we hold erroneous predilections that it is boring, hard to read, untrue, or it is going to make us do things we do not WANT to do. These only become true for the lackadaisical mind, or the immature soul that does not want to be accountable for the things that they are enslaved by. But it is not all their fault, though it is a choice to remain ignorant, the deceiver has implanted this reluctance in prospective readers minds to persuade them never to pick up the Bible and take a serious attempt at reading it. I was the exact same way; I let the devil entrap me and was honestly against reading the Bible for much of the reasons outlined above. Consequently, this allows our minds to run wild, as untamed beasts seeking to hear what will please ourselves rather than conform to the perfection in Truth we have been trying so adamantly to avoid. The Bible says a few things about this type of person.

For one, 2 Timothy 4:3-4 says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

Additionally, Ephesians 4:14 tells us “that we no longer be children, tossed to a fro, and be carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” 

What we believe or what we feel sounds right, that is exactly what we turn our ears to listen to. For many, this has become an overreliance in scientific findings. This brings up the second thing I wanted to mention..

In 1 Timothy 6:20-21 Paul warns Timothy to avoid “…oppositions of science falsely so called…of which, some professing have erred concerning the faith”

We have to be careful of how much trust we put into science. It is an awesome thing to learn and hear new discoveries, but we absolutely cannot mistake a perfect God with error ridden science and reason that the Word of God is error ridden and deductively deem science perfect! I don’t care if science wants to tell us we came from nothing, I don’t care if science wants to question every single thing and put a believers’ faith at odds with what they have “discovered.” If you believe the Bible is “error ridden” I urge you to refer to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek lexicons and break down the transliterations. The Word of God is FULLY inspired by the Spirit of God operating in those who wrote the Bible!

Before you lose your mind and second guess your own existence, take a step back and try to humble yourself. I firmly believe the beginning of wisdom is to understand that you do not and, for all intents and purposes, will not know everything. There is a wise character in the book of Job (whom I consider wiser than Job and his wise friends) named Elihu. Elihu’s discourse in the book of Job is an often overlooked example of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom attributed to a lack of “knowledge.” To you, who may be struggling with understanding the existence of God because of the influence all of science has been on you, I have two scriptures to share with you.

James 4:14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

And Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”

Two things here: one, life is short, and two, we are without excuse. The Bible compares our life on earth to a vapor or a mist; as quickly as it is here it vanishes in the same speed. We do not have the luxury of endless amounts of time to continue to play around with our salvation! Also, there is no way you can say “Lord, if I had more proof I would have believed” on judgment day. The Word of God says we are without excuse because the invisible things are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made!

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